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The Reasons Why I Love The Digital Marketing Business

STARTING, BUILDING, ROWINGWhy do I love my digital marketing business? Well, let’s see… 1. Very high margins (100% instant commissions)  2. No inventory to deal with (all products are digital downloads) 3. No waiting for a company to pay out commissions (Direct member to member payout) 4. No monthly fees (Not being nickeled and dimed with fees) 5. Varying startup…

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What Is The Biggest Lie We’ve All Been Fed?

The middle is deadIt is truthfully not all it’s built up to be. Keep reading because I’m going to give a long answer to the question, “What is the biggest lie we’ve all been fed?” So stay with me, Okay? People still believe they can reach for the stars, but they are increasingly fearful they are standing on…

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