I’m Not Going To See That Happen

She'd investing her money

I was talking with a young lady last week who partnered with me in one of my digital businesses just last month.

I could hear her frustration as we talked. I told her during the conversation that I was not going to let her quit. I even reiterated that in a FB message to her.

She'd invested her money. It was way too soon to even think about quitting.

Watch this video about quitting...

I wanted her to know that she joined the with the wrong person if she thought I was just going to sit and watch her throw in the towel. 

What's happened since then?

She's still in and finally made her first commision... ever.

She's been following the process diligently. Taking her training and staying connected with her coach (She has the same coach as I do).

Good for her.

Another partner sent me in a facebook message this...

It's not just a matter with me of sending out emails to you everyday.

My mission, my obligation is to be there for you whenever you need me. I got so tired of joining people in business and not being able to connect with them after joining them.

Ya see, I don't tell my partners one thing while I go off and do another.

I tell them EXACTLY what I am doing to get results and I'm honest with them...

You'll either do it and set yourself up to get results...

...or you won't.

It really is 'that' simple.

This system is for people desiring a simpler way to create their own wealth without having to close any sales themselves.

You will never be a starter by deciding to sit on the sidelines ... quitting before you start ... when you have opportunity to get in the game!

Jay Dyson

Just a guy who wanted the best systems to run his business...

Nothing more… nothing less

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