Not If You Keep Letting Your Fears Get In The Way

Getting Out of your own way

I like the title of this post. If we let fear get in our way, what will we ever achieve?

When I was a kid, I had this fear of crossing bridges (gephyrophobia). I would close my eyes so I couldn't see the crossing. I would feel weightless, as if I were plunging toward the water.

I had to get rid of that fear, because I would be crossing bridges a lot in the days to come... both physically and spiritually.

Still today when I cross bridges, I feel this foreboding, but it's not as strong and nerve-racking as it was when I was younger. Plus, the fear only came when it came to crossing the long spans like the bridges across the Mississippi River, or the Mackinac Bridge (the scariest of them all), The Golden Gate or Bay Bridges in Northern California's Bay Area.

The sight of a bridge was threatening... Just the sight of the bridge superstructure and the ominous towers looked like unforgiving monsters who were just waiting to swallow me up!

And if it was a nighttime crossing... well that only increased my anxiety... dramatically! I knew the bridge was their because I could see the daunting towers vaguely through the darkness... that was way too much adventure for me! 

So my mechanism was to close my eyes... suck it up and bear it out... I would feel such relief when I returned to "solid ground" on the other side of the bridge.

How did I tackle this fear of crossing bridges? Well, I had to keep crossing them. The bridges weren't going away. I knew that I was going to be crossing them no matter what, especially since I like driving so much. It was inevitable that I'd encounter bridges during my travels... And If I happened to be the driver, I couldn't just close my eyes. I would have to endure the crossings.

I would have to meet the challenge head on!

I would have to get the fear out of my way!

Mackinac Bridge - The most foreboding, intimidating and ominous bridge I've ever encountered! How people build and maintain these behemoths is incomprehensible to me!

What are your fears?

When it comes to starting an online business, most people have a fear of failure, or losing their money and never getting it back.

These fears stop people dead in their tracks. They are bridges that people can't bring themselves to cross.

Everyone hates to fail, but for some people, failing presents such a significant psychological threat their motivation to avoid failure oftentimes exceeds their motivation to succeed. This fear of failure causes them to unconsciously sabotage their chances of success, in a variety of ways.

  1. You may fear what others will think of you if you fail
  2. You worry about failing and it hindering your pursuit to the future you desire
  3. Failure will show that you are not smart enough or capable enough to achieve success
  4. People will not like you anymore if you fail
  5. You don't want to disappoint those who you respect and whose opinion you value
  6. You tell others, and yourself especially, that you expect to fail so as to lower expectations
  7. You come up with reasons why you can't start, none of which are convincing

You often get distracted by tasks that prevent you from completing your preparation which, in hindsight, were not as urgent as they seemed at the time. But the distractions were meant to do just that... keep you from completing the tasks... because you'd convinced yourself from the beginning that your were going to fail.

So how Do You Keep from letting fear get in your way?

I had to own the fear of crossing bridges. If I didn't cross the bridge, I wouldn't would reach my destination. By not owning and accepting the fears that you may have, you keep expressing them through unconscious efforts to sabotage yourself.

We stress to people how joining groups like Harmony 311/S5 and Royalty Funnels can help to minimize the effects of fear. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can surely help.

We've all had some degree of the 'Fear of Failure' condition. It's not a unique thing... but is a common one.

Crossing those pesky bridges has certainly been a trial for me... and so has owning my own business.

You know what!?! The bridges will continue to rise into view... the trials will continue to come... but will you overcome the bridges and trials?

Not If You Keep Letting Your Fears Get In The Way

Give some thought to that quote. What is it saying to you?

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